Int Ch, Ch Russia, Ch Belorussia, Ch Ukraine


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Jun Rus Ch, Jun Club Ch, Rus, Club Ch.
Old Golden Gates Absolute Ace

Int Ch.
Xplorer of Slatestone

Riding Deap in Heart
Timeless Twilights Fame of Fortne
Ridings Red Riding Hood
Unchain My Heart of Slatestone
Brilyn Misty Shadow
Romantic Dream of Slatestone
Old Golden Gates Quintessence
Gallagher of Loveling Star
Brilyn Dirty Den
Saucie Sally of Brilyn
Old Golden Gates Sweet Charity
Dolen Double Brandy at Brilyn

Ch Ukr Golden Gates Arrival Amour

Rus, Bel Ch Denfris Dame Silk
Int Rus, Bl Ch Golden Gates Olympic Fire
Westoak Feriwalker
Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor
Brilyn Black Pearl at Westoak
Westoak Gypsophilia
Westoak Gold at Claredawn
Westoak Gipsy
Rus, Bl Ch Golden Gates Hot Silk
Pelido King Councel
Brilyn Supertramp
Pelido Hot Silk
Ukr Ch Golden Gates Arrival Amour
Pepper Brew vom Schloss Elkofen
Nyitramenti Huckleberry

К списку собакНа страничку Dzhimis to  Ladle Out Praise